‘I AM LOVED’ Positive Affirmations for Kids (Instant Download)



Positive affirmations for kidsPositive affirmation - I am proud of myself

If you’re looking to start connecting with your child in a meaningful way, then look no further than these positive affirmations for kids.

Printing out affirmation cards and using them along with your child is great for all types of learners.

You can allow your child to pick a card daily as a general affirmation or use them together as story, journal or discussion prompts.

Say for example, your child picked the affirmation: ‘I am a great friend’, you can discuss with them what makes a good friend in general, times when you yourself felt you were a good friend, and encourage them to share why they are a good friend to others.

This type of exercise encourages you both to safely share thoughts, feelings and emotions, and promotes good communication.

You can also then create art, stories or games centered around the day’s affirmation to help promote your child’s imagination, reinforce the positive affirmation and make it part of your child’s experience.

If you print off a set of affirmations, laminate them and place them on a box or flip-ring, kids that can read, will also like to look through them by themselves.

Help to inspire their confidence, creativity, self-esteem and positive mindset with this beautiful, 48-card affirmation deck designed for especially for kids.

Children have a special affinity with our friends in the animal kingdom. Each card in this deck has been lovingly created to share an empowering affirmation alongside gorgeous photography of weird and wonderful animals.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable file that you will have have to print off yourself.

You’ll also be able to download a ‘backside’ card if you’d like the cards to be double-sided.

This is a deck your child will cherish over the years.

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