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Timeless Pick-a-Card Reading: Guidance from Spirit on what you need to heal

Today’s post is a timeless pick-a-card reading that aims to share guidance with you from Spirit on what you need to hear at this moment to heal.

If you’ve never done a pick-a-card reading before, here’s how it works:

  • Sit quietly and reflect on the cards in the image below. You might be drawn to one of the crystals in particular and so you could choose that group/pile.
  • Another way to choose is to say, “1, 2, 3” in your mind and see if you feel a pressure behind your third eye when you say one of the numbers. If this is the case, pick that group/pile.
  • Otherwise, just trust your intuition and pick the group you’re most drawn to.

Group one’s crystal is an amethyst. Group two’s crystal is an aventurine. Group three’s crystal is a tourmaline.

Picked your pile? Great! Scroll down to read your message.

Please remember: This is a general reading. It may or may not resonate 100% with your situation. You are in control of your own decisions and outcomes.

Messages for Group One

You’ve been working really hard on healing yourself from your emotional pain and trauma, most of which was created in your childhood. The work is long and difficult and some days you wonder if it really is worth all the effort that you put in. 

It’s painful uncovering all these wounds and working through them and sometimes you feel frustrated with how long it is taking to heal – you want to experience happiness and freedom now.

Spirit is telling you that you’re on the right path and don’t give up! In fact, our healing journey never ends and Spirit wants to tell you that whenever you’re feeling frustrated or down, to stop and take a breath. At that time focus on what you have achieved and you’ll see that actually, you’ve really come a long way.

It’s also great to want more personally as this helps us to grow, but you may have a tendency to overwork yourself and expect too much. Spirit is advising that balance is required. This is a marathon and not a sprint.

This also indicates that there are still childhood issues to resolve, so it may be beneficial to do some inner child healing to help with fears relating to rejection, not feeling good enough and feeling that you have to be perfect.

Take the time to plan your goals, assess what you need to let go of if there are actions, situations or people that no longer serve you. You may not feel like it right now, but you have a lot of options around you that will bring you happiness, you may just need a change of perspective or to be able to stop and reassess things so that you can plan your dreams.

Spirit is saying that you have everything within you to manifest your dreams and heal yourself. Continue doing the work and slowly but surely, you’ll start to unleash your inner passion and reveal your authentic self to the world.

Messages for Group Two

You are coming out of a rough cycle and Spirit wants you to know that things are about to get a lot better for you. You’ve done a lot of work to heal your emotional wounds and you should be really proud of the transformation that has taken place and how you are showing up in the world.

You’ve probably already noticed – and Spirit just wants to acknowledge this for you – that there are some people that are resistant to the changes in you; they want the old you back. They may criticize or try and shame you for making better choices for yourself. They may also react negatively to you when they try and cross your new, carefully constructed boundaries – you let them get away with bad behavior before and they’re throwing a tantrum because you won’t be a pushover now.

Spirit is saying if this struggle to fight for what you’ve worked so hard for within yourself is starting to get exhausting, it’s time to tackle these issues face-on. It can be especially difficult if this kind of conversation has to take place with a loved one but it’s better to be up front about it otherwise the situation is going to continue and deplete you of your energy.

You don’t have to feel blamed and shamed for other people’s issues! Spirit wants you to know that you’re not alone in this – they’ve got your back. If the thought of confronting someone (in a loving way, of course) in order to enforce your boundaries has you feeling sick to the stomach, Spirit is advising that you go within: your intuition is super strong now and your Spirit family is there for you. You can and should ask them for help. They’ll give you strength and support when you need it most, so don’t feel that you’re on your own.

It’s time to do the last bit of work – letting go of other people’s expectations and opinions – to be able to finally get to the good stuff. You’re worth it!

Messages for Group Three

You’ve been experiencing a little bit of an issue at home and a romantic relationship may not be going as smoothly as it should. With the utmost love and gentleness, Spirit wants to let you know that even though relationships are/should be 50/50 give and take, you have the power right now to turn the situation around.

You may have a tendency to say exactly what’s on your mind. You don’t have a problem with expressing your desires or needs, but the other person in your relationship may have come away feeling hurt from a recent conversation with you. Spirit is advising that while it’s great that you are in your own power, know your mind and aren’t afraid to communicate it, it would serve you well to ‘put a little sugar’ on your words so that you protect the other person’s feelings.

And let’s be honest, deep down you know this to be true and it’s kind of got you feeling shaken because your honesty and forthrightness has always been something you’ve prided yourself in. This situation may have got you wondering if this relationship is worth all the time and energy you’ve put into it. Ultimately it’s down to you to decide, but Spirit is saying that this connection is not past all repair.

Keep your fiery side but just wrap it up in a coating of empathy and compassion, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a happy relationship and home-life. 

Remember that while sometimes it seems obvious to us the things that other people need to work on, it’s not up to us to change someone else. Judgement and balance are required so that we don’t enable people in their issues, but that we support and love them unconditionally as they go through life’s learning and healing journeys.

Your task in this situation is to look at how you can work on yourself so that you can tone that fierceness down just a little. What would it look like if you were a little more nurturing and compassionate? How would this change the situation? It’s time to swallow your pride and do the right thing.

This way you’re bringing the best of yourself to your relationship, while allowing your other half to do the work to show up as their best self as well. 

Did this resonate with your situation?

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Timeless pick-a-card reading

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