Are you an energy healer? A simple test

Are you an energy healer? A simple test

Do you feel drawn to energy healing and ever wondered if you are an energy healer?

Personally, I believe that everyone has the capacity to become a healer (we unconsciously heal ourselves all the time) but for some people it comes more naturally as a gift to serve others.

In addition to this, if you feel like this is your calling, you’d be more willing to put the work in to develop your healing abilities and do the necessary work on yourself.

So with that being said, if you feel drawn into an energy healing modality it can sometimes feel daunting when starting out and it’s easy to doubt your own abilities.

This energy healing test will put all your doubts to rest!

But first…

What’s Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an emerging form of complementary and alternative holistic healing. In ancient cultures, energy healing is nothing new; it has existed for thousands of years.

Energy healing works to manipulate and activate the body’s subtle energy systems, removing blocks and restoring our mental, physical and spiritual well being.

By restoring the balance of these energy systems, we break through any energetic blocks and allow the body to work its way back to health.

How does Energy Healing Work?

Energy healing works to target the subtle energies of the body.

While modern medicine looks at physiology for the most part, energy healing focuses on the aspects of health that are non physical and that if left untreated, can manifest into physical problems.

This makes it a perfect healing method to combine as part of a holistic healing approach.

Quantum physics teaches us there is no difference between energy and matter. All systems in the human being, from the atomic to the molecular level, are constantly in motion-creating resonance. This resonance is important to understanding how subtle energy directs and maintains health and wellness in the human being.

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Are You an Energy Healer? Let’s find out!

Person touching water

I found out about this test from a friend who has tried it themselves and found it on a French website. In French, it’s called a ‘Teste de Magnetisme‘.

If you read French, or want to Google Translate the article, click here to see it.

Their experience with the test was positive and proved that they did in fact have a natural healing gift.

You can do this test with a piece of meat or with tomatoes. Personally, I wouldn’t use meat and so I will share with you how to do the test with tomatoes.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Buy two organic tomatoes (preservatives and other sprays can interfere and stop your ‘control’ tomato from naturally decaying) that are undamaged and as similar in shape and size as possible.
  • Take two equal glasses that are large enough to fit the tomatoes in. Fill these glasses with tap water.
  • Charge the water in the ONE of the two glasses for ten minutes. To do this, place your palms facing out towards the glass and send energy into the water. You can either keep your hands around 5cm away from the glass or place your palms in contact with the glass. Imagine a white light being channeled into the water and send healing, restoring and loving thoughts. Or use any method that you intuitively feel called to use. It’s really important to do this step with complete concentration and focus. Find out why here.
  • Now, place each of the tomatoes into a glass and leave them to soak in the energy-charged water for 24 hours. One tomato will go into the charged water and the other will go into the non-charged water.
Photo credit: Text in the photo indicates that the charged tomato is on the left and the control is on the right.
  • The next day, at the same time (24 hours later) remove the tomatoes from the water and place them onto two plates. Make sure that you note down which of the tomatoes has been in the charged water and which one is the control. Also write down the date that you started the experiment.
  • Carefully place the plates in the same location, somewhere where they won’t be touched or disturbed, and where there is a constant temperature of around 20ยฐC.
  • Now you wait and note the changes you see over the coming days. Hopefully what you’ll observe is that the ‘control’ tomato will begin to decay and wither away to nothing, while the ‘charged’ tomato will remain in perfect condition.
The tomato energy healing experiment on day 59.
Photo credit: Text in the photo indicates that the charged tomato is on the left and the control is on the right. The experiment is on day 59.

Depending on the strength of your healing gift, the ‘charged’ tomato may wrinkle a little if your abilities need some improvement.

Those who have a very strong healing gift are able to cause the seeds within the tomato to germinate and grow new plants (as you can see from the photo below!)

Photo credit: The seeds within the charged tomato have germinated and begun to grow new plants.

Remember, a tomato is not subject to the placebo effect. So being successful in this experiment is a real indication of your natural healing abilities.

An alternative way to do this test, is to skip the water segment, choose one tomato to be your ‘charged’ and one to be the ‘control’. Place them both on plates and sit for ten minutes each day (preferably at the same time each day) with your hands gently cupped around the ‘charged’ tomato and send it love and healing energy.

You can talk to it and encourage it to grow. You can even do this at a distance if you are away from home. This is a little more time consuming, but can also act as a daily exercise to increase and strengthen your healing skills.

Over to you! What are your results? Are you an energy healer?

See, it couldn’t be any simpler, right? And how dramatic are the results when you do have healing abilities!

Have you done this experiment? Are you an energy healer? Let me know what your results and experience are with this test by leaving me a comment in the comments section below!

I’m going to be carrying out this test and documenting it on Instagram and a further blog post. You can tag me on Instagram @spiritsciencehealth to let me see how you get on.

A simple test to see if you are an energy healer

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